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Latest Information

December 2010 42nd International Chemistry Olympiad Official Report Up
December 2010 Catalyzer No.12 Up
October 2010 IChO2010 Photo gallery Up
August 24th 2010 Translation by Participating Countries Up
August 18th 2010 IChO Regulation (revised) Up
August 18th 2010 Forthcoming IChO : 2011 Ankara, Turkey
August 11th 2010 Practical Task (pdf) Up
August 9th 2010 Theoretical Task with Answer (pdf) Up
August 2nd 2010 Photographs of the closing ceremony was added.
July 28th 2010 Results Up
July 19th - 27th 2010 Today's photo Up
July 19th - 27th 2010 Catalyzer Up
July 13th 2010 Guides and Assistants Up
July 9th 2010 Information Update
May 27th 2010 Information Up
May 17th 2010 VISA Information Up
March 31st 2010 Corrections to Preparatory Problems are shown in the Errata page.
March 2nd 2010 Registration and payment information for 42nd IChO was sent by e-mail to the contact person of each country. If you are the contact person but have 'not' received it, please inform of it to the 42nd IChO secretariat at immediately.
February 5th 2010 "The preparatory problems" (theoretical and practical) Up
February 1st 2010 "Guidelines for prospective organizers" Revised,
"Guidelines for observers of incoming countries" Up
November 20th 2009 Invitation to the 42 IChO was sent by air mail to the contact address or the designated address. If you (or the designated person) have 'not' received it, please inform of it to the 42nd IChO secretariat immediately.
October 16th 2009 In the Participating Countries page, the names of the countries of which the contact addresses were confirmed were drawn in dark grey. The representative of the country of which the name in the Participating Countries page is still pale grey is strongly encouraged to inform the confirmation information as soon as possible, in response to the e-mail from the 42 IChO secretariat.
October 8th 2009 Confirmation of the contact address for the 42 IChO is in progress. If you have 'not' yet received any inquiry in this relation by e-mail from the secretariat of 42 IChO, please contact immediately.
September 1st 2009 "Application for Participation" Up
  "Information for Mentors", "Guidelines for prospective organizers" Up
July 26th 2009 Web Site (English Ver.) Open