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Narita Airport LogoNarita Airport (Tokyo)

Narita Airport (Tokyo) is the official airport for the 42nd IChO 2010.

Our guides will see you on there on your arrival in July 19.

URL: http://www.narita-airport.jp/en/index.html

Narita Airport
WASEDA Univ. Logo
WASEDA Univ. Nishiwaseda Campus

Okuma Auditorium

The practical examination of the IChO will be held at Waseda University's Nishiwaseda Campus in Shinjuku-City of Tokyo where The Science and Engineering Schools, as well as other research institutions of Waseda University, are located.

Shigenobu Okuma founded Waseda University in 1882 upon three ideals: “independence of learning”, “utilization of knowledge”, and “creation of good citizenship”. Waseda University remains true to these founding principles by striving to contribute to the progress of society, to the development of talent, to the deepening of scientific principles, and to leading progressive changes in education with a global perspective.

Waseda University's commitment to the founding ideals is exemplified by the 57,000 students studying at 13 undergraduate and 23 graduate schools on 9 campuses located throughout Japan. This commitment is also exemplified by more than 3,000 international students studying at Waseda University, by more than 550 academic partnerships with universities around the world, such as Columbia University, Yale University, University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, and by Waseda University's progressive Double Degree programs created with many prestigious universities around the world.

URL: http://www.waseda.jp/top/index-e.html

The University of Tokyo Logo

The venue for the theoretical examination of the 42nd IChO will be The University of Tokyo (UT) Komaba campus, situated roughly on a western rim of downtown Tokyo. The 25-hectare campus of lush greenery environment accommodates the College (plus Graduate School) of Arts and Sciences with 160 professors, 130 associate professors and 80 research associates, and a total of some 8,700 undergraduate/graduate students. About 78% of the students are freshmen and sophomores who take basic courses in three human sciences and three natural sciences.

The College is one of the ten Faculties constituting UT, or Todai in an abbreviated Japanese wording, which had been established in 1877 as the first national university in Japan and has since served as a resource of leading people in government, business and academia.

The whole UT today, with a faculty of ca. 4,000 and an enrollment amounting to ca. 29,000, is based on three core campuses in Tokyo and its neighborhood, namely Hongo, Komaba and Kashiwa. As of 2008 the number of international students exceeded 2,300, and more than 2,200 foreign researchers came over to UT for short or extended visits.

URL: http://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/index_e.html

UT Komaba campus

Main Gate